Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - 5 Gameplay Details The Public Didn't See

5. You Can Choose When To Visit The Game's Planets

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Red Planet

So, while Fallen Order is very much a story-driven, almost linear experience, players will apparently be given the opportunity to pursue any of the game's planets how they wish.

This appears to be more of a Metroid-esque backtracking mechanic, with players able to reappraise older locales the deeper they get into the story, but there also seems to be a little of From Software's Souls to it too; not just in how the combat plays of course, but in how the title handles exploration.

According to PC Gamer's Evan Lahti, the game "had a few, unexpected shades of Metroid's backtracking or FromSoftware's secret areas." Lahti goes on to mention that - even though Fallen Order is not an open world game - players can still bring up their holo map and travel to planets they've already visited while in their ship.

And speaking of the ship...

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