Star Wars: KOTOR II Developer Wants Another Star Wars Based Game


Following the devastating closure of LucasArts and the short-term death of Star Wars 1313, which had Boba Fett as the main character! It has not been a good few weeks for Star Wars gamers. Today however we may have some light at the end of the Disney tunnel. The are reported that, Feargus Urquhart, the CEO of Obsidian Entertainment, recently emailed to express his sadness at seeing LucasArts close down,
"LucasArts was a great supporter of Obsidian when we were first starting out, and many of their games are ones I, personally, count as favourites." He then went on to say this: "As for Obsidian pitching a Star Wars game, or games for that matter, we would love to. Getting to work within the Star Wars world was a tonne of fun and it would be great to get to do so again."
The article also gives context via Eurogamer, that reminds us that "Urquhart spoke about the game he had in mind a few months ago: Urquhart revealed in February that Obsidian even had new Star Wars pitch that LucasArts had both seen and liked. The pitch sat chronologically between Star Wars films Episode 3 and 4." The closure of LucasArts by Disney was done towards an umbrella gaming company set on mobile gaming production. While other games, more adult games, may be farmed out to third parties. The below quote is taken from and my friend Dave Roberts€™ article at €œIt is worth noting that we are looking for proven external partners who can help us provide video games to our fans. We still believe in the video game industry, we still will provide Star Wars games, we're just looking at different models rather than internal production€ They€™re evaluating everything. There€™s always a possibility that it can still come out via licensing. If Disney wants to move to a licensing-only model for Star Wars games, this is what they should be looking at getting behind. Like 1313, this game explores a fairly unexplored area in the Star Wars timeline. This has a bunch of untapped potential and one with powerful returns. Just look at The Force Unleashed series for example. Not to mention that the pitch is coming from a well-known developer with a legit Star Wars gaming credentials. If this does go ahead, I personally hope Obsidian don't rush it again. I hope they take their time and provide us with a complete game this time around. I would rather they avoid a repeat of the KOTOR II debacle. The KOTOR II debacle came after a discovery of €œlost content€ in the PC version in 2006. This discovery underscored the belief that the original market release of game was unfinished, as there were many rumours that LucasArts had pressured Obsidian to wrap up the game early during it's production. And starting in 2006, independent efforts were made to restore the game using this lost content. Team Gizka released drastically expanded the game in 2009, under the moniker "The Sith Lords: The Restoration Project". We will keep an eye on this story.
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