Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 3 - 10 Things That Must Be Included

One home-run and a total misfire for part two, what would save the franchise?

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed was the first big Star Wars release of the new generation, and whilst it may not have ranked amongst the strongest of LucasArts games it still managed to deliver the experience of being a true master of the Force.

Bridging the gap between Episodes III and IV, TFU tackled a then-unexplored period in the Star Wars Expanded Universe, providing fans with a well-constructed story that depicted the birth of the Rebel Alliance and the fate of the then banished Jedi Order.

The sequel however, was disappointing on many levels. Gameplay was improved in some areas, but the title was burdened with a nonsensical plot that detracted much of the worth from the previous entry. To put it bluntly: Starkiller should have stayed dead. Despite being shelved with the untimely demise of LucasArts in 2013 - and with Visceral's yet-to-be-announced project being shrouded in mystery - there is still plenty of potential for a third entry to be on the table.

The makers of the original Force Unleashed demonstrated a remarkable capacity to tell an engrossing narrative with fun, over the top gameplay to boot, and with the demise of the highly anticipated 1313 there's a big Star Wars-shaped hole that now needs filling.

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