Starfield: 10 INSANE Details You Totally Missed

With these landmarks and easter eggs, the biggest galaxy in gaming just got even bigger.

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With a development history stretching back almost a decade, Starfield is one of the biggest and most exciting galaxies in gaming right now - and, the more we play it, the more we realise: it is HUGE.

Weighing in at a whopping 125 gigabytes and boasting over one thousand explorable worlds and dozens of characters to explore them with, the sense of scale is like nothing else.

This is the kind of game that this generation has crying out for, particularly Xbox, which has been proven but not just the hype cycle but it's domination of the conversation within gaming since it launched.

With such a massive map to explore, it's easy to miss the little details - like the fact that Starfield is filled with dozens of hidden locations, jokes, and easter eggs. We're sure that you'll find more as you explore the game, but here's 10 details we think you might have missed.

10. Just Five More Minutes

starfield game

In a game offering one thousand planets to explore, it's an unexpected surprise to see so many hidden gems in our own Sol System. Just like real life, each one of the planets in our solar system has its own unique properties, including a different appearance, size, and even a different force of gravity.

One of the more specific details from real life, however, is very easy to miss: the unique day cycle on the planet Venus.

Due to Venus rotating on its axis much more slowly than Earth does, a day on Venus lasts far longer than a day on Earth - and, incredibly, Starfield has included this detail. If you touch down on Venus and try to sleep in your ship, you'll see that every hour you rest on Venus is worth 100 hours of universal time - so sleeping for one day on Venus means that 100 days will pass in the game.

Now that's a long nap! If you're looking for in-game applications of this mind-blowing detail, sleeping for 100 days is a great way to refresh any traders' inventories.

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