Street Fighter Monopoly Announced

Fans also have the chance to vote on the tokens included in the box on release.

USAopoly's latest themed Monopoly special edition set is to be Capcom's Street Fighter. It seems that the board game is in the early stages of development and all we get to see so far is the prototype of the packaging but over at Capcon-Unity they are offering fans the chance to vote on the tokens included in the box on release. The official description is below; "Enter the world of one of the best selling video game franchises of all time in this special Street Fighter Collector€™s Edition of Monopoly. Buy, sell and trade locations associated with the most iconic characters over 25 years such as Makoto in the Karate Dojo, Ryu on the Rooftops of Japan and Major Bison in the Shadaloo Headquarters.""Vote in this poll until Monday March 5 and whittle this list of 12 down to six - winners will be made it actual mini-sculptures used in the game! If only we could put Zangief riding inside the shoe..." Head over to Capcom-Unity to have your say...but be quick today is the last day of voting.
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