Super Mario 3D Land Boosts 3DS Sales In Japan

Release of Super Mario 3D Land sees a welcome boost in sales of the 3DS and its software in Japan.

After a difficult launch and a lack of decent software, the 3DS hasn't exactly managed to realize its full potential. Yet if the current figures from Japan are anything to go by, the system and its software is finally beginning to flourish in popularity with the release of Super Mario 3D Land. The game has sold a whopping 343,492 copies in its first week of release, while the system itself has seen a boost of 145,271 units sold in the same week. The figures come courtesy of Media Create and should boost confidence for both Nintendo and early adopters of the handheld, hopefully setting in motion a brighter future for the nifty portable wonder. Still, we won't know for a few weeks if the inventive platformer will have the power to create the same kind of excitement here in the U.K or across the pond. Super Mario 3D Land is released on the 18th November.Via
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