Super Mario 3D Land - Luigi Gameplay Video

Luigi joins brother Mario in the upcoming 3DS platformer Super Mario 3D Land

3DS owners can rest assured that the drought is almost over for the handheld, with a number of killer games on the way in the coming months. Most notable is the return of everyone's favourite chubby plumber Mario, with his own 3-D adventure which mixes the colourful gameplay of the Mario Galaxy series with the classic platforming style of Mario's previous portable adventures. No Super Mario game is complete without an appearance by his brother Luigi, who has now been confirmed as a bonus playable character once players zip their way through world 8-4 as Mario. As always, Luigi makes use of his slender figure compared to his portly brother with higher jumps and a speedier more lighter style of gameplay. Here's some footage of Luigi in action, in what's shaping up to be one of the year's best platformers (despite some stiff returning competition from Sonic). Super Mario 3D Land is released on the 18th November 2011.

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