Super Mario Odyssey 2: 7 Enemies That Need To Be Playable

Super Mario Odyssey only scratched the surface.

super Mario odyssey

At some point, we'll hopefully get a sequel to Super Mario Odyssey.

The gameplay of Super Mario Odyssey was better than any 3D Mario game before it, and the idea of exploring various locations throughout the Mario world was an appealing one. Whilst everything was great, the highlight of Super Mario Odyssey was the captures. The idea of controlling Mario enemies is too good to be limited to a single game.

The capturing mechanic from Super Mario Odyssey was genius. Mario has such a vast catalogue of enemies that the idea of turning into them is really appealing.

Whilst a lot of the most popular Mario enemies such as Goombas, Chain Chomps, Bullet Bills, and Piranha Plants were included as capturable enemies in Super Mario Odyssey there were some noticeable omissions.

There were some that were omitted clearly because they wouldn't work as playable characters; playing as a Bob-omb wouldn't make much sense as blowing yourself up doesn't exactly sound like compelling gameplay.

Mario has had many foes in his 35+ years of waahooing throughout the Mushroom Kingdom though and a lot of them need to be playable in a Super Mario Odyssey 2.

7. Spike

super Mario odyssey

First appearing in Super Mario Bros. 3, Spikes are enemies that throw spike balls out of their stomachs and throw them at Mario. They've appeared throughout the series and whilst they're not as iconic as other Mario enemies they would still make for a great capture.

Make their spikey balls bounce off of whatever they hit. By doing that their gameplay could revolve around hitting multiple switches or enemies with a singular spikey ball.

So many Super Mario Odyssey captures are focused on fast movement, but by introducing a slower enemy which makes you focus on the trajectory of a spikey projectile it could be a nice change of pace.

This would also be the enemy's first appearance in 3D in its original ball-throwing form. In the few times the enemy has appeared in 3D they've always thrown giant spike bars as that's harder to avoid in 3D than a ball.

If you're controlling them though, throwing a giant spike bar wouldn't exactly lead to many interesting gameplay opportunities. By making the balls ricochet off of surfaces they would still end up being a formidable opponent.

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