Super Mario Party: 10 Best & 10 Worst Minigames

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Super Mario Party has been in players' hands for a few days now, and while the game certainly has its faults - namely an appalling online multiplayer offering - it is nevertheless another fun addition to the Nintendo Switch's library of shamelessly silly party games.

At launch the game comes equipped with just north of 80 minigames, and having combed through the whole lot over the weekend, we've separated out the wheat from the chaff.

It goes without saying that there's going to be at least a little filler among the 80+ games, and there certainly is, while a few dare to be legitimately quite boring or even badly designed.

Thankfully, there are many wonderfully thought-out and splendidly-executed minigames to balance things out, ensuring that even when you're faced with a not-great game, you're never too far away from something a little more appealing.

While opinions are sure to vary wildly across the player-base, these are for our money the most entertaining and insufferable minigames in Super Mario Party...

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