Super Mario's 10 Greatest Suits

To celebrate this announcement of Super Mario Bros. 3, here’s some of the best suits from the Mario series...

On April 21st, Nintendo Direct announced that New Super Mario Bros. 2 is currently in development for the 3DS. Over two decades have passed since our favourite plumber first burst on the gaming scene, and impressively, the series has retained a significant fan-base throughout. Nintendo first gave Mario the ability to change into fun powered suits in Super Mario Bros. 3, and ever since then fans have seen his wardrobe increase in each game since. There€™s no doubt that New Super Mario Bros. 2 will be getting the same treatment. To celebrate this announcement, here€™s some of the best suits from the Mario series.

10. Boot Suit

Only appearing in Super Mario Bros. 3, this bizarre Boot Suit placed Mario in an oversized green shoe. The Boot Suit allowed Mario to bounce along the path, flattening enemies (those poor Goombas always get it) as he goes. Only ever used in a single level, this one never made an appearance again. Still, it was fun while it lasted.

9. Boo Mario

Appearing in Super Mario Galaxy, Boo Mario, as the name implies, allows Mario to disguise himself as a Boo, one of the recurring ghost enemies in the series. Once Mario has transformed, he gains the ability to turn invisible, pass through solid walls and levitate. What makes this suit so handy though is that Mario can also attract fellow Boos, who he can use for various purposes. What makes this suit so fun is that it Mario€™s Boo carries his trademark hat and moustache.

8. Penguin Suit

A New Super Mario Bros. Wii addition, the Penguin Suit allows Mario to swim better and slide on ice. Perhaps one of the cutest in the collection, the Penguin Suit is also incredibly useful. Not only can Mario now turn enemies into ice cubes, but these cubes can also create ledges for Mario to traverse across.

7. Propeller Suit

Not content with gaining the Penguin suit in NSMB Wii, Mario can also pick up a Propeller Mushroom and fit snugly into the Propeller Suit. The red jumpsuit allows Mario to fly steadily across sections via the Propeller helmet, which can prove to be useful if you are struggling on some of the trickier jumps. Whilst it may not do much else than this, Mario definitely looks good in a jumpsuit. Gamer Paul Claxton loves the Propeller Suit because €œit€™s so fun to watch as danger comes towards you and your friend, and you just say "SEE YA!" as you spin off up into the air and he loses a life!€

6. Frog Suit

First discovered in Super Mario Bros. 3, the Frog Suit allows Mario to swim faster, resist water currents better, jump higher, and hop whilst on dry land. Yes, Mario may look a little silly in this amphibian get up, but it€™s also an incredibly handy item to use in underwater levels. Without one, Mario sinks underwater, and cannot swim as successfully. The Frog Suit allows him to remain stationary in the water, and swim in any direction. That Brit Otakublogger Paul Peters says that he loved how it somehow made amazing bounds and increased his swimming speed." Game tune meister brentalfloss also loved the frog suit, stating that "unlike a fictitious flying raccoon or Tanooki, frogs can actually swim!".

5. Bee Suit

Debuting in Super Mario Galaxy, the Bee Suit allowed Mario to fly around the planets freely without the force of gravity pinning him down. Whilst Mario cannot actually sting enemies, like you€™d expect a bee to do, it gets him around much quicker for a limited time. Buzzing about as a bee was one the most enjoyable aspects of Super Mario Galaxy, whilst being a contender for the cutest too.

4. Cape Feather

Introduced in Super Mario World, the Cape Feather transformed Mario into Cape Mario, where he can then hover in the air and fly. Blogger Bradley Fish of Harlow, Essex, says that the cape feather is €œprobably my favourite. Once you learn how to use the forward and back motion properly to build momentum, it becomes a joy to use.€

3. Metal Mario

First appearing in Super Mario 64, Metal Mario can walk underwater without having to swim. This allowed players to collect any coins on the sea bed which they were unable to get before. Since then, Metal Mario has appeared as an enemy in Nintendo€™s excellent Super Smash Bros. fighting series, and proved to be a tough guy to beat. Pardon the pun.

2. Tanooki Suit

Not to be confused with the similar looking Raccoon Suit, the Tanooki Suit is, without a doubt, one of the most memorable costumes that this plumber has ever worn. The suit grants the same abilities as the Super Leaf, allowing Mario to fly across the landscape, but with one added ability-Mario could turn to stone and drop onto enemies. Fan Anna Harris, aged 23 from London states that Mario€™s Tanooki Suit is €œadorable! It€™s definitely one of the most memorable costumes in the game!€

1. Fire Flower

Mario first changed his clothing after obtaining a Fire Flower in the very first Mario game, Super Mario Bros. The suit lets players throw flaming fireballs at enemies in the surrounding area. Ever since then, Mario has had a succession of suits, but we must not forget the one that started it all-the Fire Flower.

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