Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Every Confirmed Character (And How They've Changed)

11. Captain Falcon

Captain Falcon SSBU

F-Zero's most average racer has absolutely no new moves to show us in Smash Ultimate, though the Big Blue stage is back. Did you know Captain Falcon runs a café under the alias Bart Lemming?

12. Jigglypuff

Jigglypuff SSBU

It's everybody's second favourite pink puffball! The roly-poly insomniac's Rest move is as lethal as ever, but otherwise, everything seems the same for the Balloon Pokémon

13. Peach

Peach SSBU

We've yet to see any new outfits for Princess Peach, but she'll probably pack her wedding regalia and tourist togs from Mario Odyssey, hopefully with Tiara in tow.

13e. Daisy

Daisy SSBU

Daisy appears as a fighter in her own right for the first time in Smash Ultimate, rather than a palette swap of Peach. That little 'e' means she's an 'echo' - in other words, a clone. Yay.

14. Bowser

Bowser SSBU

Mario's usual nemesis but occasional tennis sparring partner Bowser returns with an entirely reworked Final Smash, appearing behind the stage to shatter his target to smithereens. A target icon makes it vaguely reminiscent of the final boss of Yoshi's Island.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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