Tekken 7: Ranking Every Character From Worst To Best

36. Lucky Chloe

Tekken 7 Lucky Chloe

A character that almost feels designed to annoy the hardcore set, Lucky Chloe's aesthetic is already far too influenced by the most stereotypical of eastern tween anime, but in practice, her moveset just doesn't hold up either.

Whilst there's a really cool idea at the heart of Chloe's animations (that many attacks chain through rhythmic button presses), her overall damage output is very low, meaning she's only effective if you really dedicate the hours to learning every last move. And when the remaining roster members are demonstrably more appealing in every possible respect, relying on supposed luck to get picked just isn't going to cut it.

Aside from a Rage Art that can feel incredibly cheap (or tactical... I guess) as it slides under other players before connecting, it's very easy for Lucky Chloe to wrench victory from the jaws of defeat. Though, when the whole package is wrapped in this overly cutesy, try-hard art direction, she simply feels misplaced.

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