Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter Or Soulcalibur - Which Character Quiz!

Who do these fighters belong to?


Whilst gaming has changed immensely over the past few decades, the fighting genre has remained largely the same. Graphics have gotten better, combos and button inputs more fluid and the sheer variety of extra content has increased significantly, but no matter what, each title boils down to two fighters standing opposite one another in a quest to deplete the other's health bar.

And we couldn't love it more.

The major players in the genre have all been established for at least twenty five years. Capcom's Street Fighter debuted in 1987 and established the mechanics still seen today, before Mortal Kombat came along in 1992 and offered an edgier and more violent alternative. Namco then joined the party with the release of Tekken in 1994, following it a year later with a variant that swapped fists for weapons in the form of Soul Blade.

These four franchises, each with at least ten games bearing their names, enjoy enduring popularity, outsold only by Nintendo's Super Smash Bros and edging out the second tier of series such as Virtua Fighter and Dead Or Alive by some margin.

A huge variety of games means a huge variety of characters. Together the four franchises have offered several hundred options for players to fight with, from household names like Ryu, Ken, Scorpion, Sub Zero and Heihachi to far more obscure individuals.

Your challenge is simple: For each named character, choose their franchise.

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