The Batman: 10 Moments Inspired By The Arkham Video Games

9. Story Beats

Catwoman Selina Kyle Zoe Kravitz Arkham Knight

Any two Batman stories will share similarities, but it's tough to ignore some of the specific beats. In comparing The Batman to Arkham Origins alone, both take place during Batman's second year, on a holiday. In Arkham Origins, the holiday is Christmas while The Batman occurs over Halloween.

In both stories, the World's Greatest Detective (a term used by Penguin in the film) must track down and interrogate the Oswald Cobblepot in order to get information on a bigger boss. In the game, that boss is Black Mask. In The Batman, Riddler is the big bad.

Additionally, in both cases the antagonist is responsible for seriously wounding Alfred Pennyworth. Robert Pattinson's Bruce Wayne comes off like a bit of a bratty teenager to Alfred in the movie, but both show Batman rescue his loyal friend and butler. The attacks on Alfred endow both Batmen with a renewed thirst for justice, leading to Batman victories all around.

Both stories focus on Batman as a detective, navigating a bent city full of corrupt officials. As mentioned earlier, Catwoman's role in the film's story stays pretty true to her portrayal in Arkham.


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