The BEASTLY Bloodborne Quiz!

The complete quiz for Bloodborne veterans.

From Software

The intricate detail FromSoftware pack into their titles has become the gold standard for an immersive gaming experience. Bloodborne is no exception, with the twisted Lovecraftian horrors reminiscent of the player's struggle to piece together the story and connect the fragments of lore strewn along the streets of Yharnam.

Many first-time players can be turned off by the complexities of the narrative, but for those hunters that persevere and delve deeper into the eldritch nightmare, a world of fascinating riches can be discovered...

And then there are those who have pumped in hundred of hours, tried every build imaginable, and beaten the game without taking a single hit. For those veterans, this quiz is for you! Twenty-five questions fit for a blood-drunk hunter.

Prepare for a wide variety of questions with a range of difficulties- this is the perfect quiz for any Bloodborne fan to test their skill, but you'd need to line your brain with eyes in order to get 100%!

1. Where Does Master Willem Reside?

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