The Best Video Game Plot Twist We Never Got To Play

Prey 2

Swapping out the setting, main character and tone of the original, this sequel was set to be a total reinvention; a grittier, nastier version of itself with more unique ideas to boot. To wheel out a tired old comparison, it was supposed to be the Empire Strikes Back of this new series.

Set to the tune of Johnny Cash's cover of Rusty Cage, the reveal trailer highlighted a day in the life of amnesiac player character Killian Samuels, a bounty hunter with a wicked name living on a grotty alien world called Exodus. And this grotty world was absolutely packed full of your regular scum and villainy. The trailer was dripping with personality, and players couldn't wait to explore this open world for themselves and uncover its secrets.

Unfortunately for them, they would never be able to, as the game was officially cancelled in 2014 in favour of a (pretty damn great) reboot from new developers Arkane.

Still, that trailer made an impression, and even if you check the comments on it today you'll still see people pining over what could have been.

What makes it even better, is that the best and most intriguing part of Prey 2 wasn't even in the trailer. In fact, it was being saved as the sequel's biggest surprise, a late-game series of plot twists that would have turned the entire narrative on its head...

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