The Big Secret You Missed In GTA 5

GTA V has one insane remaining secret you surely missed.

Grand Theft Auto V Michael

Even the most casual gamer is well aware of Grand Theft Auto V's insane level of popularity, having recently passed 160 million units sold worldwide, making it the second best-selling video game of all time behind only Minecraft.

The success of GTA V and its multiplayer mode, GTA Online, are clearly why fans have been left waiting so long for the recently-confirmed Grand Theft Auto VI, and even over eight years after its release, players are still finding secrets hidden within it.

GTA V is of course a monument to the attention-to-detail possible when a developer like Rockstar spends years (and lots of money) meticulously honing their work to near-perfection, enough that no single player will ever experience everything the game has to offer.

And as much as has been uncovered over the years, you may well have missed perhaps the most fascinating secret of all. Did you know that GTA V boasts a hidden feature that allows you to play as any animal in the game, and better yet, even Bigfoot himself?

Join us, then, as we take a deep dive into GTA V's most incredible unsung secret feature. But first, let's recall how the series got to this point...

6. GTA's History Of Secrets & Surprises

Grand Theft Auto V Michael
Rockstar Games

GTA V may be the biggest and most detail-dense entry into the franchise yet, but it certainly wasn't the first to wow players with the sheer scale and depth of its vibrant world.

Nor was it the first GTA title to contain myriad sneaky surprises lying in wait for players to uncover, some of which laid dormant for weeks, months, or even years before finally being found.

It all began in the original top-down GTA, where players would be rewarded with points bonus for mowing down a line of Hare Krishnas - either with their car or a hail or bullets - complete with the celebratory text "GOURANGA," which is a Hare Krishna maxim meaning "be happy."

In the 3D universe, GTA III had a hidden message concealed in a seemingly unreachable area of a Staunton Island parking lot which read, "You weren't supposed to be able to get here you know"; Vice City had the infamous dead bodies wearing "cement shoes" in the city's surrounding waters, and in both Vice City and San Andreas you could shoot at the moon to change its size.

GTA IV meanwhile allowed determined players to enter the Statue of Happiness - the game's cheeky parody of the Statue of Liberty - and discover a giant, chained, beating heart inside it. Terrifying.

And then there's GTA V itself, which counts among its more prominent secrets a visible Xenomorph-looking alien underneath the ice at the start of the game, a Lost-style hatch in Los Santos' watery depths, and confirmation that UFOs actually exist within this world.

We could keep going on, but you get the point - Rockstar has always enjoyed hiding mind-melting secrets within the GTA games.

This is certainly never truer than in GTA V, which is easily the weirdest entry into the franchise to date and in turn lays the groundwork for your ability to play as non-human characters...

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