The Call Of Duty Black Ops Timeline Explained (So Far)

A World at War


With Treyarch once again exploring the events of World War II, the campaign kicked off following the stories of Private Miller and Dimitri.

While the American story focused on the troops battling the Japanese army, the Soviet squad marched their way through Europe and into Nazi Germany.

The campaign delves heavily into the brutality of the time with both stories featuring torture and what would now be described as war crimes. Even the “good guys” such as Dimitri’s superior, Victor Reznov, are painted as ruthless yet idealistic.

This marked a slightly darker storyline to the typical action hero campaigns players had grown used to and would come to have a great effect on subsequent titles.

When Dimitri first meets Reznov, the two are essentially in a flesh pit following the Battle of Stalingrad. From the moment the player meets Reznov, we understand his undying passion for revenge as all he seeks to do is kill the German general responsible for the massacre. Many Call of Duty fans will know that when Reznov wants a man dead, there is nothing on Earth that can stop him.

The two then take part in an epic sniper quest echoing the All Ghillied Up mission from Call of Duty 4. After a narrow escape, they manage to regroup with the Russian army to begin a full assault on Berlin.

The game concludes with one final push to plant the Soviet flag at the heart of Berlin and signal the defeat of Hitler’s forces. The American troops also managed to bag a victory in their own campaign but those events feel somewhat disconnected and not half as satisfactory as sticking it to the Nazis.

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