The Division: 10 Crucial Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

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When it was first revealed almost three years ago at E3 2013, Tom Clancy's The Division certainly looked exciting. However, following multiple delays and allegations of graphical downgrades and potential problems, it became even more interesting, but suddenly for all the wrong reasons. Eventually - weeks after the worldwide launch - The Division has managed to achieve widespread critical acclaim from the majority of reviewers. If you were as relieved as I was when the finished article actually turned out to be great, then chances are you've also been playing The Division as regularly as I have. After all, why wouldn't you? It's a massive project that's so densely populated with things to do and discover that the chances you've already grown bored with it are very slim. With that in mind, it's time to consider various features and secrets that you may not have discovered just yet, despite them being tremendously useful to the way you approach the game. The Division has so many facets to its gameplay that not everything is highlighted as obviously as it could be. Fear not though, as I'm here to help you along with some of the more nuanced gameplay tips that could have a big impact on your Agent's effectiveness. Here are ten crucial tips that The Division doesn't explicitly tell you...

10. You Can Take A Leap Of Faith

Okay, compared to another Ubisoft series - Assassin's Creed - the leaps on offer in The Division may not be quite as death-defying or visually impressive. What they can be, however, is immensely useful if you find yourself in need of a quick escape route when under pressure from wave after wave of enemy fire. While you are able to climb and dash over obstacles in The Division, there's strangely no free jumping option. As a result, you'll find yourself relying on ladders to move down from a lot of platforms over a few metres in height. This is fine in regular play, but if you're under pressure from enemies you can make yourself an easy target by getting stuck on one of these. But where drop prompts do appear when you approach scaleable ledges, the game doesn't tell you that you can drop from a ladder with a press of the same button. This is especially useful in the Dark Zone where you may already have found yourself as a sitting duck when trying to escape one of the many high points in the area. You'll take some fall damage, but it'll hurt a heck of a lot less than a few head shots!
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