The Division: 11 Crucial Dark Zone Tips You Need To Know

Rule #1: Trust no one.

The Division has been out in the wild for a week now, and it's safe to say that the most dedicated players have beaten the story mode, reached the level cap and are now focusing on the PvP-fest that is the Dark Zone. In case you haven't ventured there yet, the Dark Zone promotes squad-based PvE as in the rest of the map, but also allows players to take on other players at the cost of "going rogue" if they're the first one to open fire. The DZ is a dangerous place and one that can prove daunting to newcomers: though the potential loot rewards are huge, there's also plenty to lose if you're killed (especially if while rogue), and so it's time to consider the tactics that will keep you alive and swimming in loot during your time there. Here are 11 crucial tricks and tips for The Division's Dark Zone...

11. When To Use Grenades (And When Not To)

Grenades can be your best friend or your worst enemy in the DZ, depending entirely upon how you use them, against who, and how intentional your target is. If you've spent much time in the DZ, there's a fair chance you may accidentally have turned rogue during combat after a fellow player ran into the path of one of your grenades, and so grenade throws need to be judged with a great deal more care than in the rest of the game. That said, if you're fully intent on going rogue, grenades can of course be a massive help: a well-aimed nade will make enemies stumble and impede their escape, and they are absolutely invaluable if you're planning to ambush extracting agents and steal their shiny, shiny loot. In short, if you're playing with honour, think about your grenade throws, and even if you're fine with going rogue, timing is absolutely crucial to succeeding.
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