The Division: 15 Easter Eggs, Secrets & References You Must Find

It's New York City, of COURSE there are a million of things to see and do.

Hot off the heels of stuffing Far Cry Primal full of awesome hidden goodies and secrets to uncover, Ubisoft have peppered their stunning recreation of New York City with a smattering of awesome tidbits it'll most likely take years to fully uncover and catalogue. For now, the mainstream press are level-pegging with consumers as Ubi refused to hand out copies of the before launch, starting everyone off on the same foot and prompting us all to experience the game world alongside each another. It's one teeming with dynamic multiplayer opportunities and a really addictive loot grind, and whether you're a fan or not of Ubisoft's now-patented brand of open-world exploration (one that sees your map peppered with side missions and things to do right out the gate), the fact they took to modelling the Big Apple so faithfully means everything from street corners to office blocks, alleyways and underground subway tunnels are rammed with things to see and do. To get you started, here are some of the finest found so far...

15. Shaun Of The Dead's Iconic "Take A Shortcut" Gag

It's a sad moment when you have to remember there aren't any Edgar Wright-directed Simon Pegg and Nick Frost movies on the immediate horizon, but that hasn't stopped Ubisoft shining a light on one of the best comedy scenes of all time anyway. One of the many pieces of intel - named 'echoes' - you can find will produce a holographic recreation of various events pre-apocalypse. Some include the flame-spewing Cleaners closing down on innocent civilians, others paint a picture of carefree consumerism and the satisfaction of purchasing all sorts of shiny new products - but this simply has the dialogue be "What's the matter, Debra? Never taken a shortcut before?", aping the scene from Shaun of the Dead.
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