The Division 2: 10 Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

6. The Drone Is The Best Skill

The Division 2

In addition to Perks, there are also eight Skills available to unlock and augment, from additional offensive weaponry to tech intended to heal you and your teammates in a moment of desperation.

Firstly, don't bother with the Pulse skill right off the bat. It may look cool and we've all got a certain nostalgic fondness for it from the first game, but it's surprisingly ineffective during most engagements throughout the game and ultimately just a waste of resources.

Now, there are a number of useful skills, though the best is easily the Drone, especially once you unlock the Fixer variation, which will track your team and provide constant healing during firefights.

The Turret and the Chem Launcher are also worth fully unlocking, though the Drone offers the most immediate boost from the jump, especially if you're playing solo and need all the help you can get.


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