The Elder Scrolls 6: 7 Major Lore Questions We Can't Wait To See Answered

What's 4,000 years of in-game history worth in the face of wild speculation?


Any gaming fan worth their carefully mined salt pile is sweatily awaiting the release of the next Elder Scrolls game. Whilst yes, we've been hurt by Bethesda's messy titles before, this is one series that we can have a modicum of faith in to prioritise frostbite spiders and kwama over any other type of bug-ridden release. God knows they've learned not to pull a Fallout 76 again.

Of course, with a whole new entry in the world of daedra and dragon slaying comes a whole new helping of video game lore. From the mysterious Akaviri in the East to the lost Dwemer of the underground, there's plenty of in-game history to be played with when we finally get to see where TES 6 is going to take us.

Considering fans don't really know much at all about what they're going to get - and what we do know is born from some very educated guesses - it only seems right to take a look at the most pressing mysteries that remain from the series so far that desperately need to be answered going forward. If The Lusty Argonian Maid doesn't pique your interest, then nothing will.


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