The Elder Scrolls: 7 Weirdest Skyrim Enemies (And What They Represent)

The fantasy world of Tamriel has a bigger grounding in reality than you think.


The Elder Scrolls has spent years establishing a deeply strange magical world from the ground up - curating a host of cannibalistic NPCs, vampire covens and inter-dimensional planes packed with demonic entities, all for players to smack around for over 25 years.

From sweet rolls to Sabrecats, the games have everything a budding adventurer could ever want - and that obviously includes a varied population of freakish monsters to be slaying for when smithing daggers loses its shine.

And of course, it's Skyrim that manages to hone Bethesda's take on a classic fantasy into something uniquely Elder Scrolls. Whilst it's decked out with your bog-standard dragons and boring old mages, there are all sorts of weird and wonderful beasties lurking in the shadows if you know where to go.

With everything from ebony-armoured foes to tentacle-faced horrors, it's easy to get lost in the fascinating lore of these monsters, but what real-world inspiration conjured up their in-game appearances?

Looking at the conceptual side of Skyrim, let's crack open this particular Monster Manual and take a read of how the hell the strangest inhabitants were brought to life.

Creepy folklore, legendary tales, and all too real terrors lie in wait...


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