The Elder Scrolls Online MMO Teased With First Trailer

Watch the first brief teaser of Bethesda and Zenimax Studio's MMO.

Hot on the trail of news that Bethesda are set to release The Elder Scrolls Online MMO, the development team have released the first teaser trailer to get fans chins wagging in anticipation. The game has been in development for a long time now - since way back in 2007 in fact - and developers Zenimax Studios are promising "the best MMO ever made", which is some claim. We shall see, though of course the pedigree of the existing Elder Scrolls games sets a high benchmark, and a kick-off point for the MMO, which we should see in 2013. In gaming terms, that's almost a world away, but we have taken the first steps on the trail towards this surely epic MMO with this first teaser. Now, don't get too excited, the emphasis here is definitely on the "Teaser" element, as there isn't actually anything given up by the admittedly atmospheric one-minute reel. Still, that doesn't make it any less enjoyable to watch, especially for Elder Scrolls fans looking for something new to get their teeth into, and Michael Gambon has some seriously good pipes... Rising enemy forces? Unlikely alliances? Sign me up. If The Elder Scrolls Online can take half of the quality of Skyrim as a foundation, those heady claims of greatness will look less like empty hyperbole - and I seriously hope Bethesda and Zenimax can achieve it. That's not where the Elder Scrolls news ends, as you can also see the first batch of screenshots and artwork released by Bethesda by heading over to our Elder Scrolls Online homepage.
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