The Elder Scrolls: The Secrets Of The Dark Brotherhood

Sweet Mother, sweet Mother, send your child unto me...

Sithis ESO

Across the multicultural lands of Tamriel, when you need someone dead, and you want it done stealthily and secretively, you call on The Dark Brotherhood. A highly-skilled guild of trained assassins operating in the shadows, The Brotherhood is essentially the world’s best-kept secret. Those who knew of the guild’s existence would silently tolerate it, for fear of falling victim to the sinister cult’s area of expertise.

Yet beneath this already dark and morally ambiguous career path, there is an even more sinister undercurrent operating within the very shadow of the shadowy organisation. When a player fulfills a contract for the Dark Brotherhood, it’s not necessarily simply a case of committing a clean murder for financial means, but actually collecting souls for an all-powerful entity.

Listening to the whispers of a shriveled corpse and unquestioningly following every order you receive is just another day in the life of our Elder Scrolls player characters, but who was the mysterious Night Mother? Are you, and the rest of the Brotherhood loyally murdering without question, blindly, or are you all a part of something far grander, and far more terrifying? This is the sinister truth behind Tamriel's most sinister organisation.


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