The Hardest FIFA Quiz You'll Ever Take!

Will all those days lost to FIFA FINALLY pay off?

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FIFA 19 is finally here and gamers around the world are neglecting work, relationships and basic hygiene to play it at every possible opportunity.

Aside from the awesome 'No Rules' mode, not a great deal has changed from previous incarnations, but we FIFA diehards have learned to expect that over the years. Regardless, we will defend our beloved FIFA to the death from the scourge that is PES.

Everyone considers themselves the best FIFA player amongst their group of may not necessarily play out like in the game due to dodgy controllers, poor officiating, or downright bulls*t, but still!

Therefore we've made this quiz to settle the arguments, who knows the most about FIFA...and is therefore the best?

Just how good is your knowledge of the beautiful game about the beautiful game? Do you know which player graced the cover of FIFA for seven years straight? Can you remember which footballing legend has never been a FUT icon? Whose voices have described our wonder goals in the game for the past five years?!

Test yourself against our quiz, and find out!

Answers at the end!

1. Which FIFA Was The First Of The NextGen (PS4, XBOX ONE) Era?


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