The HARDEST Grand Theft Auto Quiz EVER

All we had to do was get 100%, CJ!


It's little wonder the hype for GTA VI continues to build into a frenzy, given the airtight grip this ultra-violent franchise has had on obsessed fans and casual gamers alike for more than twenty years.

No stranger to controversy, the GTA games have prompted more outrage and think-pieces than a mountain of video nasties, "corrupting our children" and ruining carefree suggestions to go bowling forever. Rockstar's seminal sandbox series has morphed over the decades from top-down tomfoolery to all-out blockbuster, spanning massive cities, dozens of in-game radio stations and countless Wasted!" death screens.

Each game in the long-running franchise has its own set of particularly rabid and devoted fans, but being a certified expert on all things GTA would entail having played the entire series going way back to its earliest days when mission instructions would be relayed via telephone box.

You didn't put all those hours into car-jacking, auto-aiming and hidden package collecting for nothing. Take the ultimate Grand Theft Auto quiz to prove that it was time well spent.

1. What's The Name Of GTA III's Bombing Specialist?

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