The Hardest League Of Legends Lore Quiz

How much do you know about the fantastical world of Runeterra and all its inhabitants?

Riot Games

League of Legends has been with us for a long time, and after many alterations and a huge reboot, they still find ways to get new players invested into not only the game, but the world around it as well. It's pretty fair to say that Riot have a fantastic writing team on their payroll.

Through tales of the ancient civilizations at the start, to the political conflicts within modern powers, it's very easy to get absorbed in this world. All the playable characters in Riot's flagship project interact with each other in various ways, and all of them have their own unique story to tell. From the people of Mount Targon imprisoning the cosmic dragon Aurelion Sol, to the titan Nautilus rising from the depths of Bilgewater to punish those who don't pay the tithe, to a mage rebellion in Demacia lead by the oppressed Sylas.

Can you call yourself a true expert of the world of Runeterra? Here's a quiz to test how closely you studied the lore and test your knowledge on the ever expanding universe of League of Legends.

1. Where In Runeterra Did Nocturne First Appear?


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