‘The Hunger Games Adventures’ New Facebook Game

Lionsgate in coalition with Funtactix have developed a new social interactive plug in RPG based on ‘The Hunger Games’

The game consists of dialogue with the citizens of Panem and runs in sequence with the unfolding of events in the book. As the game progresses you are able to interact with the characters giving a new insight into the Hunger Games Universe. It€™s also designed with the intent to be accessible for members of the Hunger Games cult and those who are new to the fictional franchise. The game revels the first official map of Panem as the player advances. Visually the graphics seem very similar to successful social media games like €˜Farmville€™ and doesn€™t seem to be designed to be particularly challenging. Sometimes these simple games can be rather addictive, though for fellow Hunger Games fanatics the opportunity to continue the adventure does have a certain allure. Since it is free, I don€™t foresee many complaints. You can sign up to beta test the game here, places are limited so €˜may the odds be ever in your favour.€™
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