The Impossible Kingdom Hearts Quiz: How Well Will You Do?

One of gaming's craziest franchises deserves an equally ludicrous quiz.

Square Enix

Let's be real here: The Kingdom Hearts games can get complicated.

"It's just Disney and Final Fantasy, how complex can it be?", you might think, but Kingdom Hearts fans have heard that over and over again since 2002, and it's remarkable how untrue the statement is.

A series that's only on its third mainline title after 10 games is sure to have a huge story, and this is certainly true of Kingdom Hearts. With so many different complex characters, worlds and items throughout the games, it's no surprise that many people find it difficult to get into.

However, if you've been paying attention since Sora started building a raft, you're sure to want to test your knowledge.

Before the third game arrives in January, if you know your Nobodies from your Unversed; your Links from your Summons, then carry on...

1. What Does Sora's Name Mean In Japanese?


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