The IMPOSSIBLE Skyrim Quiz: How Will You Do?

Spells, quotes, armour and everything in between.

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Everyone has a different preference when it comes to discussing the best games of all time. Some people turn to the older generation, where others name franchises that have risen and dominated the gaming industry more recently.

But, one name that will appear in almost any discussion regardless, is the mighty Skyrim.

Released in 2011, Skyrim was the sequel to iconic best-seller, Oblivion. The game-changing Elder Scrolls series has brought us a whole new perspective of the fantasy RPG genre, and few games have managed to sustain relevance as long as Skyrim. From merchandise to mods, Skyrim is still a predominant name in the gaming community, and it never fails to cause a buzz.

The main features which still attracts gamers are of course an insane level of depth and detail. It seems every corner of the game has its own folklore, backstory or hidden side quest just waiting for you to indulge in.

In this quiz we will explore the realm of Skyrim in ALL its details.

Combing through the entire map, all the way from Solitude to Riften, all the quests from the Thieves Guild to the Civil War, and of course all the NPC catchphrases, this is the impossible Skyrim quiz.

1. Frenzy, Courage And Muffle Are All Spells From Which School Of Magic?


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