The Last Of Us Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The Original Game?

Get prepared for The Last of Us Part II!

Naughty Dog

PlayStation's latest State of Play showcased a new gameplay trailer for The Last of Us Part II. Ellie's quest for justice was revealed to feature the return of an older-looking Joel, to rapturous delight from fans of the original.

We even have a release date set for the PS4 exclusive, February 21st 2020. That's pretty damn close! So you've got just enough time to gather supplies for another story about overcoming human hardship and facing off against the infected. But how well do you remember your previous adventure?

Whether you're a devout re-player or haven't touched the game since 2013, show off your knowledge about The Last of Us in this quick quiz.

Answers at the end!

1. What Is The Name Of Joel’s Daughter?


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