The Legend Of Bum-Bo: 10 Things You Need To Know

The Binding of Isaac's prequel has a lot to live up to.

Edmund McMillen

There are few games with a fanbase as loyal as The Binding of Isaac. Ed McMillen has proven on multiple occasions that he has one of the most unique and distinct imaginations in the game industry and The Binding of Isaac perfectly balanced this imagination with thrilling, action-packed gameplay. It truly is a must-play for any gamer, though you may not realise that it has a prequel that has just released: The Legend of Bum-bo

While fans may recognise certain characters and the similar art style, very much has changed from one game to the next. McMillen has made a clear effort not to have this be some small expansion to The Binding of Isaac and has overhauled many of the games core mechanics.

There's so much of the game yet to be revealed, undoubtedly for the fanbase to gradually uncover. However, there is still a lot of information out there that shows some pretty positive signs for The Legend of Bum-Bo to be another classic.

10. It's A Prequel To The Binding Of Isaac

Edmund McMillen

Given the insane amount of depth Isaac's item and character pool has, McMillen was very much spoiled for choice in who he could have chosen for his prequel. However, the character chosen was likely far from anyone's first guess — the game centres around Bumbo, who you might recognise as the item Bum Friend.

For regular Binding of Isaac players, Bum Friend was often a nuisance of an item that would snatch coins before you could pick them up, though as the main character of his own game, Bumbo very much seems to have come into his own as he begins his quest to reclaim his coin.

Unlike in the original game, Bumbo seems to do some serious damage against the monsters this time, which makes a decent change from dropping mostly useless items.

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