The Legend Of Zelda: 10 Worst Things Link Has Ever Done

The Hero of Hyrule has some major explaining to do.


Being a hero must get super old super quickly.

It's understandable that any normal human would get bored eventually of consistently having to always do the right thing, and so sometimes their naughty side makes the odd appearance, reminding us that they are, in fact, all the more relatable and believable.

The Legend of Zelda always features main hero and gaming icon Link. Many different Links have many different adventures throughout the ages, mostly sticking to the same formula of 'defeat Ganon, save the princess and Hyrule'.

Every now and then, Link's perfect hero facade slips, and we see a glimpse of his true character. Whether it's stealing, looting, disrespecting his fellow Hylian, or just showing a complete disregard for basic polite human interactions, Link shows us time and time again that he is far from the perfect hero that everyone would like you to believe he is.

These are the worst things that the Hero of Hyrule has ever done.


Spoilers for Link's Awakening within.


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