The Pokémon GO Tracker Is Back

Now we can wander the streets in confidence, sort of...

Pokemon Go New Tracker
Niantic Labs

Pokémon GO developers Niantic Labs finally it seem to have answered the prayers of every would-be trainer. Following its removal from the first update, the Pokémon tracker has officially returned with the latest installment of the app.

The old Pokémon GO tracker, often dubbed the "nearby" or "3-Step" system was functional, if not spectacular. However gamebreaking bugs and general reports of unreliability made it unpopular, and the advent of third-party systems like PokéVision rendered it almost entirely obsolete.

However the new tracking system is now available to all players, and is a definite improvement on the broken original. Ditching the "nearby" system for then newly named "sightings" feature, Pokémon now appear in front of patches of grass and move further towards the top left corner as you eagerly home in on them.


The tracker still isn't quite perfect, and there's still a great deal of guesswork involved with no indication given of which direction the Pokémon are actually in. Although after some retraced steps and a couple a deep breaths, the monsters should eventually appear with a bit of trial and error. Top left corner is key, remember that.

YouTuber Ruthven78 uploaded a short walkthrough of the new tracker which shows the slight imperfections, although still proving successful in finding the Pokemon he was looking for. I'll leave a link to the video below.


Although the update has just come out, Niantic are also working on another alternative which is said to be currently in a beta testing stage. Let's hope they perfect the formula ASAP. How do you think the tracker can be improved?


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