The REAL Story Behind How ECW's Video Games Were Made

Former WWE star shares hilarious details on how Acclaim made ECW's video games.

ECW Hardcore Revolution

Ex-WWE and ECW original Lance Storm said he and other performers had to record "all the grunting and groaning" for Acclaim's ECW Hardcore Revolution video game back in the late-90s. They also had to put down "three or four lines" that'd ring out mid-match.

Yep, each individual wrestler had to record their own 'grunts and groans' - the 'ow' sound that plays when Lance's character takes a punch is 100% him, for example.

A baffled Storm told Fightful that he also had quite the experience when the developer asked him and his peers to record moves for the game's commercial. Acclaim turned up before an ECW live event in White Plains, New York and set up some odd plexiglass structure with cameras inside the ring.


They wanted the wrestlers to bump on that, but Storm said it'd be agony and refused to do it. Eventually, the team padded their plexiglass landing pad with crash mats and asked everyone to "perform a splash" on the thing; the general idea was that it'd look like they were landing on top of a downed opponent (played by the camera).

Lance said the whole execution "was not good". He doesn't remember having any of those issues when appearing in WWE video games years later.

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