The Rise And Fall (And Rise Again) Of Sega

Sega Did What Nintendidn't... For A While.

Rise Fall Of Sega

Anyone over the age of thirty will perhaps find it difficult to comprehend that there now exists a whole generation of kids and young adults who have no idea that Sega - you know, the Sonic guys - were once a massive player in the home console market, giving the big 'N' a run for their money and paving the way for Xbox and PlayStation in the process.

Ultimately, however, Sega's home console business became a victim of its own innovation, and their desire to push the envelope and break the mould saw the once mighty gaming powerhouse bow out of the console market altogether.

However, the rumours of Sega's demise were greatly exaggerated, and far from fading away into obscurity, Sega decided to double-down on software development. Slowly but surely, they managed to not only consolidate their position but to thrive, and the company are now entering something of a renaissance, with a future potentially as bright as its past.

"But how did this happen?" you ask. Well, let's find out...

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