The Sims: 10 Most Ridiculous Things We've All Done

Turning off Free Will is only the beginning.

The Sims Cowplant

For a franchise that's been with us for seventeen years in its current form; the concept of The Sims has never really changed. You create some people; build them a house and basically let the fun begin.

Despite this overall lack of innovation, and despite the developer's best efforts to update the gameplay, The Sims has sold over 200 million copies worldwide across the four core games and their spin offs etc. which is pretty good going for a simple sandbox game.

The problem is: If you keep the gameplay the same across such a lengthy period - gamers will start to explore everything they can possibly do within the game itself and reach a whole new level of ridiculousness (if that’s definitely a word).

If there’s anything we’ve learned from movies such as Bruce Almighty or, erm, Alien: Covenant, allowing a mere human to play God rarely ends well. The sheer power you wield via a mouse or controller is unbelievable: life and death, introvert or extrovert, nature or nurture – it’s all up to you.

But… you just weren’t ready for it, were you?

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