The Ultimate Diablo Trivia Quiz

Are you smart enough to defeat the Lord of Terror with our hardest Diablo trivia quiz ever.

Diablo II

The Diablo franchise has spanned over twenty years, its three hugely influential main series games adding more and more richness to the lore-heavy universe with each successive instalment. And with Diablo IV on the horizon, there's no better time for you to brush up on your in-depth Nephalem know-how.

Despite the original game's simple premise, the stories of Tristram ran deeper than you probably ever knew, and come Diablo II, this world-building was blown wide open into an adventure we never realised we so badly needed.

Diablo III's reception was polarising, but what it did give us was a veritable truckload more of that uniquely dark, reverent and biblical storytelling that the series is famous for. From the High Heavens down to the Burning Hells, much light has been shed on both the allies we make and the demons we mercilessly slash the hell out of.

And between it all, in the world of Sanctuary, is where you come in.

Hope you've been paying attention, humble warrior, because the following questions come not from the minds of mortal men.

1. Excluding Yourself, What Is The Population Of Tristram In The Base Version Of Diablo?






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