The Ultimate Skyrim Quiz: You'll Never Get 100%!

My cousins out fighting dragons, and what do I get? Guard duty.


Fantasy and magic have always went hand in hand with the medieval time period. Maybe it is due to there being a more naive belief of witches and monsters due to a lack of scientific advancement in those days, or it could just be the idea of being a battle mage or arcane warrior being awesome.

The Elder Scrolls are a medieval fantasy themed series of role play games that take great pleasure in exploring this theme. The continent of Tamriel is home to many different races of people, creatures, monsters and even reanimated dead which exist to help or hinder you in your quests.

Skyrim is the fifth and most recent chapter to The Elder Scrolls story (not including Elder Scrolls Online) following up from the extremely popular 'Oblivion'. Set two hundred years later and in the cold unforgiving northern region of Skyrim you are a forgotten warrior known as the Dragonborn, destined to bring an end to the resurgence of the Dragons. Or spend your entire time running around killing chickens, it's up to you really.

But how much of a Skyrim fan do you think you are? Bet you won't get 100%!

Answers are at the end!

1. How Many Guilds Are There?






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