The Walking Dead Game: Captivating Fusion Of Comics, Games & TV

Walking Dead is a series that Tell-Tale Games did right.

To add, one of the features of the series which I have come to be well-accustomed with is its deliberate emphasis on quick-time events. A cue which I believe Tell-Tale may have borrowed from the title Heavy Rain for it is used in a similar vain though still bringing a certain level of suspense and spontaneity to the table despite its apparent adoption. Now, before I am assaulted for the previous statement€™s implication that Heavy Rain fathered quick-time events, I must state that the Walking Dead is made by people like you and I and it should be assumed that these individuals receive some form of inspiration (even to a minute degree) from recently released titles such as Heavy Rain. Now that that boulder has been avoided, allow me to continue by stating the importance which emotion plays in the Walking Dead series: quite a bit. Whether it is the cliffhanger endings present at the end of each episode or the fast-paced decisions players must make concerning who to save during a zombie rush, Walking Dead will have you on your toes for the whole ride. An aspect which should be noted in addition to the former is the distinct use of dialogue in the tale. Characters share their opinions on one another in addition to providing the opportunity to develop relationships with them further enveloping players within the folds of what the Walking Dead series is known for: the prime placement it gives to the emotional, psychological, and social problems which survivors are bound to deal with in light of a zombie apocalypse. This is the quality which will bring you back. Not just the gameplay or the linear story but the culmination of all the aforementioned elements including the series€™ characters. All in all, the Walking Dead is an excellent addition to the ever-growing annals of gaming for its delivery and style which should be noted for their commitment to the characters that make the titles so great.

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