The Witcher 3: 10 Rare Weapons You Totally Missed

Best secret Witcher swords & crossbows you must find.

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The Witcher 3 is huge. Nearly six years since its inception, fans are still finding hidden easter eggs, new locations, and obscure questlines to follow. It's suffice to say that even the most ardent of monster slayers may have missed a thing or two across what are now several playthroughs.

And one of the most underestimated of these hidden gems is the disturbingly vast array of weapons on offer.

The Witcher 3 has more swords than you can shake a Petri's Philter potion at. And while we've all had a couple of the standard Novigrad longswords in our time spent with Geralt, there are more than a few specialised weapons that are definitely worth the hassle to acquire.

Because what kind of self respecting Leshen hunter would be seen dead (no pun intended) without the absolute cutting edge (definitely no pun intended) toolkit?

So if you're thinking of another run through the Witcher 3, here are some of the more obscure weapons for your consideration.

With increased damage bonuses, sign boosts, and pop culture references, you'll be properly equipped to take down the denizens of the dark, whatever the difficulty.

As Geralt himself would say: "How'd you like that silver?"

10. Bloodsword

witcher 3 aerondight
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Starting us off strong is the powerful, relic tier silver sword known as Bloodsword.

This sword can only be gotten as a reward for one of two quests in the game: Inheritance, and Battlefield Spoils.

Both are treasure hunt quests, so there's no real difference in the content of either (although Inheritance is slightly easier), and whether you go to Boxholm (Inheritance), or the Eternal Fire Chapel (Battlefield Spoils), you'll have this powerful and unique sword before you know it.

What makes Bloodsword special, and what presumably gives it its name, is the unique damage modifier attributed to the weapon, which gives it an increased chance to dismember foes, as well as an increased chance to cause bleeding, and a not insubstantial critical hit modifier.

So if you love watching those finishers where Geralt literally chops someone in half, this should definitely be your priority.

Plus, being relic tier, this sword is no joke, and considering how quickly it can be found, it makes for the perfect early game boss pulveriser.

That pesky Archgriffin doesn't stand a chance once you hack a chunk of its wing off.


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