The Witcher 3: 10 Most Impactful Side-Quests You Need To Find

No game has ever done side-missions like this.

Some 100-odd hours later and still going strong, many ardent digital Witchers across the land are discovering CD Projekt RED's latest masterpiece truly does live up to the hype, and then some. From the gorgeously detailed world and an easily likeable protagonist in the calm and collected Geralt of Rivia, a mythology that gives back in spades the more you get invested and a general tonality that perfectly mixes Game of Thrones' desolate feel with the more epic monsters of Lord of the Rings and Skyrim - it's the first release in quite some time genuinely feel 'next gen' in ever respect. In true CD Projekt style they've elected to present such a gargantuan world for you to explore, holding only a finger of your hand to the gates before letting you run amuck within. However, with that approach comes the brilliant realisation that every single pixel of the experience has had the utmost care applied throughout - meaning even the side quests and randomly occurring events have just as much to offer as the main questline - something that no game has done to this degree in history. Chances are you'll already have a particular quest in mind that struck a nerve, so please leave your own experiences in the comments below. Also remember this list simply can't be 100% definitive, as some missions have timed availability, and with the game's length it's impossible for one person to see everything - but that's where you come in. Note: Entries will be spoiler-free, but the comments section will not.
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