The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - 11 Easter Eggs, In-Jokes & References

From Breaking Bad to Skyrim and back again with the help of Jon Snow.

Although it's far from a perfect game on a technical level, CD Projekt RED's third (and final in terms of the main canon) entry in the phenomenal Witcher series is one for the ages regardless. From some sumptuous graphics to one of the best fantasy worlds ever created - and even a learning curve that takes a few hours to get used to - Wild Hunt is the epic eastern horror-influenced RPG fans have been waiting for. In the build-up to release there were a ton of references to Skyrim, mainly born out of Wild Hunt's world looking to be another processor-straining achievement it'd take hundreds of hours to uncover - but now it's out the comparisons are more in-line with Dragon Age and Red Dead Redemption in terms of how everything feels. That learning curve is no joke, and as you can see on the various forums and comment sections across major gaming sites, for every "Holy s*** guys, have you found Boris yet?!" there are three more complaining the basic feel of gameplay just isn't tactile or weighty enough. No matter though, as chances are the developers actively wanted to make something that strikes the perfect balance between being accessible and an acquired taste. To that end you'll really need to really put some time into exploring The Continent to uncover the best easter eggs, references and in-jokes so far - or you just check out this handy guide instead. Please leave your own in the comments below if there's any we've missed, as it's truly going to take years of game-time to see everything The Witcher 3 has to offer.

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