The Witcher 4: 10 Ways To Blow Wild Hunt Out Of The Water

In CD Projekt RED, we trust.

The Witcher 4
CD Projekt RED

In case you didn't know, CD Projekt RED aren't actually done with The Witcher franchise. They've said as much in the past. Now, it certainly seems as though Geralt's story is neatly wrapped up, the passing of the torch to Ciri at the close of Wild Hunt (if you got the 'good' ending) segueing nicely into him settling down with a lover of choice at his own private vineyard - provided you played through the Blood & Wine expansion, anyway.

However, as CEO Marcin Iwiński of CDPR noted, "The world of The Witcher is gigantic and it’s great to tell these stories”, intimating that whenever the developer does return to the land of the Continent, it'll be from a completely different perspective. Because to be fair, between both Andrzej Sapkowski's novels and CD Projekt RED's adaptations and elaborations on the machinations of the world itself (trying saying that 10 times fast), it really feels like all the creatives involved have designed an entire world of potential.

From political hierarchies to just getting by as a peasant living off the lands, we've already walked quite the path through these various bodies of people as Geralt, discussing their plights, solving their problems, getting lost in their moral ambiguities - all establishing quite the unique prospect: A game world where the story doesn't need to progress any meaningful overarching narrative or change, it can exist within.

So, with all that in mind, how do you top perfection?

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