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WC Crossovers

The video game crossover is a curious beast indeed.

Given that the game industry is one built on trying to outshine, outperform and outsell all competing titles, it's very strange to see some company mascots put down their arms and offer crisp high fives all around, especially if the companies they represent were bitter rivals in the past.

Yet, as strange as it is to see the likes of Pheonix Wright teaming up with Professor Layton, it can make for some truly unique gameplay scenarios which break the mold for both franchises and offer players something truly exciting.

For example, I never knew how much I needed a Pokemon/Dynasty Warriors crossover yet now treat Pokemon Conquest with all the love and care of my firstborn child.

Still, sometimes the collaboration of two companies doesn't always hit the right notes with audiences, and as such can seek to damage both parties as well as piss off two fanbases instead of just the one.

Whether through poor gameplay, terrible story choices, or an overprotective approach to making sure neither side looks better than the other, these games take the wonder of the crossover gimmick and borked it entirely.

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5. Star Wars And Fortnite

WC Crossovers
Epic Games

If you're an IP worth even a modicum of interest, there's a good chance that Fortnite has been sniffing your seat the moment you've stepped out for lunch, such is their greasy desire to shift microtransactions. Seriously, Ed Gein was less obsessed with skins and it's genuinely alarming to see even respected video game franchises bow to the mighty V-buck.

Now don't get me wrong, for the most part the crossovers are largely inoffensive, offering up some decently rendered skins and utterly bizarre dance moves, and in some cases like the Travis Scott live music event can be legitimately impressive.

However, things got "super stinky" when it came to Star Wars crossing paths with Fortnite because for many fans it straight up spoiled Rise Of The Skywalker for them.

We're all well aware that the sequel trilogy of films has their fair share of problems and made some rather questionable decisions, but for Lucasfilm to take a key plot point of their movie and dole it out via Fortnite was a boneheaded decision that made them look a galaxy far, far away from understanding how to interact with their core fanbase.

The plot point in question was Emperor Palpatine announcing that he was indeed still alive, which as you might expect is rather HUGE. When it came to the film's release however this rather crucial moment was revealed during a text crawl, robbing the reveal of any real impact and leaving fans having to google Fortnite in order to catch up on the IP they actually cared about.

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