THQ's Comeback: 7 Other Video Game Franchises That Need Reviving

What other franchises could THQ or otherwise bring back from the brink?


One of the most disappointing moments you'll experience as a gamer is the end of your favourite franchise. Whether this is due to the studio folding or moving onto new ideas, you'll never quite get over a specific IP going south forevermore.

A new franchise is fine, but if it's at the expense of something you're terribly fond of? Not so great.

Thankfully, it's not always curtains for some properties. With some developers long dormant IPs languishing after their studio closed, there are now companies sweeping in to rescue these games we've been clamouring for.

THQ have in recent months bought Darksiders, Timesplitters and Kingdoms of Amalur, so maybe there is hope for further games in these franchises after all.

Inspired in no small part by THQ's acquisitions of “dead" franchises, here's seven other titles that really deserve to re-enter the limelight.


7. Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

Troika Games

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines is a hallmark Western RPG that was heavily inspired by the pen and-paper RPG system of the same name.

Featuring three widely different vampire clans that offered widely different It gave players the choice of one of three vampire clans to join, effectively functioning as a sort of class system, with each giving players a vastly different journey through the game.

Whether you chose to be a combat-ready terror of the night, or instead opted to simply charm your way through the almost the whole game, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines accommodated your choices. Not only did Bloodlines give players this huge range of options for both combat and conversation allow the player to truly play their character and have an impact on the world, but it brought with this game structure an atmosphere created with great music, a variety of distinctive characters to meet and truly next-to-none writing.

Paradox, who have owned the property since they bought the previous owner, White Wolf Publishing, and all their properties. As a publishing company, it almost seems silly to think that Paradox wouldn't be considering a sequel to this cult classic, but as of yet there's been nothing but rumours.


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