Thundercats Ho! Platform Game Coming This Summer

Namco Bandai and Aspect Digital teaming up to bring the legendary cartoon to Nintendo DS.

Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats! Hooooooooo! Couldn't resist, sorry. Besides, it's an exciting time for Thundercats fans at the minute, with a new cartoon reviving the iconic 80s cartoon and now the news from Namco Bandai that they will be releasing a brand new 2D platformer starring Lion-O and his feline friends for the Nintendo DS this summer. The game will be developed by Aspect Digital, who have cartoon video game previous thanks to the excellent Deep Duck Trouble which came out for the Sega Master System about a hundred years ago, and will be closely tied with the Warner Bros cartoon. Aspect Digital have actually included sound effects and voice acting from the series into the game, and players can unlock concept artwork as well. Siliconera have the details on the platformer, detailing a conventional 2D side-scroller controlled with the face buttons, in which the player takes control of Lion-O to defeat traditional nemesis Mumm-Ra and uses touch screen functionality for a Sword of Omens special move, and to bring in some familiar assistance. While all solo play will be in control of Lion-O, all of the regular gang can be called upon to jump into play to assist, which means appearances from Tygra, Cheetara, Panthro and Wily Kat & Wily Kit. No mention of Snark yet, which is a travesty, but there will no doubt be some part for the red and yellow favourite. It seems the developers have also been influenced by the current economic climate - as the decision to release the game to the DS market and not the pricier 3DS one was made with the key younger demographic in mind, and specifically those who do not yet own a potentially piggy-bank breaking 3DS. Smart move in all honesty, especially with the game being closely tied into the cartoon series. Feast your eyes on this small selection of screenshots... Thundercats will be released on Nintendo DS this summer.
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