Ubisoft have registered two website domains that seems to confirm a return for their currently dormant tactical shooter Tom Clancy franchise with a New York set American terrorist group story.

Ubisoft have registered two website domains that could signal a return for their currently dormant tactical shooter Tom Clancy franchise. Fusible reports that the game developer registered the url's Rainbow6Patriots.com and RainbowSixPatriots.com domains on Thursday. If true, this would hint towards the first Rainbow Six game announced in the three years since 2008's Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Interestingly, Koktau reported earlier this year that the Tom Clancy series was about to make a comeback with a more story based tale revolving around an American terrorist group who attempted to take down New York City over "greed of Wall Street and the government that acts to protect them", which is more or less the plot used in the recent Taking of Pelham 123 remake with John Travolta and Denzel Washington. Potentially a controversial story but one that sounds like a neat shift in the usual international locale game. The title Rainbow Six Patriots certainly fits in with this rumour. We are told the gameplay for 'Six Patriots' would include the very familiar Rainbow Six mechanics and that a new cover system will be included will take you out of the first-person perspective and into third person, which sounds pretty cool. A heavy icon style graphic design will allow you to pinpoint various members of your team during a stealth mission, along with other information specific to your tasks. What's your thoughts on a potential new Rainbow Six video game and does the New York/American Terrorist group set 'Patriots' game sound like a fitting return for the much missed series?
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